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  Declutter tips from House Wow! 

printable declutter tips page


 Top tips to declutter your home or office space


1.  Get motivated to declutter


Clutter creates chaos and space creates calm

Feng Shui says that unused items accumulate Chi energy which interferes with flow of energy in home and life.  

The definition of clutter is - if its unloved and unused then it can be defined as clutter.

But if you are really unsure consider keeping things in the garage or in personal storage until you feel ready to let go.




The first step is to clear some of the possessions that you really don't need anymore. 

Walk around and try to view your home or office space objectively.

Try to view it as a stranger would, open the doors of cupboards and take a look at what possessions you have.

Do you like what you see? Would you prefer to have more space, see more worktop, carpet or shelving?


If you are decluttering to stage and sell then its really important to remember - the viewer cannot visualise how they would use the space when they see too many of your personal possessions.


If you are decluttering for your own space and peace of mind - then consider your home or space after this job is done and try to visualise the pleasure of seeing it clear.


If you really cannot face the job alone then a decluttering expert can take the pressure off and help. Its not just an extra pair of hands - there is additional motivation and support for you to make the best decisions. Declutter coaching services are available UK wide and we can advise and support without even needing to make a visit.


2.   Organise your decluttering


Have 3 boxes or colour coded bags at the ready!  Use one for the next charity bag collection, one for the rubbish dump and one to keep best accessories and items for re-placing when the decluttering job is done.  A self storage company may provide boxes at low cost.


Start with the spaces furthest away as the items are likely to need getting rid of - lofts, backs of cupboards, high shelves and under beds.


When you open a cupboard and you cannot see whats at the back then its time to get motivated and clear things out. 


Clear and sort bags and boxes left out in rooms.


Attend to storage spaces such as wardrobes and cupboards.

Deal with items on display - do you really need to dust or wipe all those items down?

Consider photos, nick-nacks-accessories - leave only the best on display to show off to the world.

Group items in 3's and have varied heights for effect. 





3.  Increase your space for the items you need


If you haven't used it for a year or more then you are unlikely to use it again.

Try to think of using the space more effectively for what you really want to use regularly and enjoy seeing.

Less clutter and items that you don't use just get in the way.

Imagine moving out - its better to sort things out now than when you need to pack everything away.

Enjoy your home or office space and get the most out of each room.


4.  Choose what to do with un-wanted items


Refuse tip - if its really worn, damaged or dirty then just clear it out.

Charity shop - re-usable items - let someone else get the benefit of them.


Free removal - Councils will take some bulky items away for free.

Free or a fee - some scrap merchants will pay or collect for free old washing machines etc.

Safely - fridges and feezers need safe disposal

Recyle - some organisations will take furniture (with fire safety labels), mobile phones and old computers

Storage - low cost self storage units or temporary storage in a garage, loft or with a family member.

Sell or auction items that you no longer need which may bring in worthwhile cash.

Waste Removal - If you have large quantities of things that you want to dispose of there are companies who will make the process very easy for you. They will come out, assess the space required in their van, quote, then load and take away all of your rubbish


Your local House Wow Declutter Consultant can advise on all of the options available to declutter and style your home. Contact us for more information.


5.  Storage solutions


When you decide to move the old and tired sofa or unnecessary furniture then you can decide whether to keep the open space, move around furniture for a more pleasing or practical arrangement or whether to buy a suitable storage option.  


Additional storage can be found in smart furniture such as sideboard, drawers, coffee tables with hidden drawers, fun wooden chests and fabulous modular storage systems that can divide functional areas in open plan kitchen/lounge/conservatory spaces. 


Alternatively self storage options are often available locally at reasonable prices and your House Wow Consultant can advise.

6.   Creating organised space in the kitchen


Compare the sizes of jugs and bowls - do you really need that many?

Empty the contents of each cupboard at a time so nothing escapes your scrutiny and you have to make a decision.

Avoid sentiment of unused items - old children's plastic beakers really must move on if you are to fit the essentials in there!

When replacing items in the cupboard re-think space. Make use of taller spaces for tall items, put least used items in far 

corners and try to stack items such as bowls effectively. 

Store plastic containers inside each other and put their lids in size order neatly stacked against the side and a large bowl that so they don't fall over.


7.  Wardrobes


Try on clothes that you are not sure about - one last look may help you decide to move it on!

Decide that you want to look good and feel good all the time.

Don't save too many items 'just for gardening/decorating'.

Check that items of clothes are folded neatly and not piled high - this creates more space.

Buy multi coat hangers where items such as skirts are attached at different heights to create space.


8.  Guest rooms - creating a haven of calm


Guest rooms are often used for storage but need a good clear out at least every year and pre-Christmas-guest panic.  Make decisions based on reality of what you need regularly and love not just sentiment. Take one last long look and decide to move it on.


9.  Memory box 


Use a memory box to keep small items.  You are more likely to look through a small box occasionally.  Keep focussed and store only treasured memory items.  Take photographs of large items to place in the memory box before sending the item to a charity shop for someone to get use out of them now that you don't need them.





10. Declutter support services

Find a HouseWow consultant in your area for declutter services.





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