Will Home Staging help Sell my house?

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Has you property been on the market for a few weeks or months and had little interest and no offers?

Let's look at new build houses. They are very appealing because they are ready to move into. Even though older properties often have larger rooms, bigger gardens and are less likely to be overlooked by neighbours they are often overlooked by buyers wanting an easy time when moving in. Older houses are generally cheaper by comparison, but if they appear to represent extra work to the average buyer then they may worry that their busy lives won't accommodate the work required. At the very least, if they do offer, they will expect to get a bargain.

You're already living in the house. It makes sense to look at those niggly jobs and upgrades that most buyers don't want to do. By considering Home Staging to sell services, you will be making doubly sure that your home reaches its full potential and sells at the best price.

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Staging Property to Sell will ensure that your property reaches its full potential on the market

Home Staging is becoming more popular in the UK. So what is it?

Well, let's start by dismissing a few misconceptions. It isn't interior design (personalising your home to your own particular taste), and it's not just home decorating; Home Staging is about highlighting your property's best features and minimalising any negatives. Your home needs to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Potential buyers take about 5 to 10 minutes to walk through a home and decide if they like it or not. Buyer appeal and lifestyle is what helps to sell property faster for a better price.

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Lifestyle appeal needs to be seen by potential property buyers - they can't just imagine it!

Take a close look at your own home

If your house isn't selling, or you're not receiving the right offers, this can be rectified by improving the appearance. Homes that are cluttered and untidy won't attract the buyers. For a buyer it's difficult to look beyond distractions and clutter. For a seller it's often hard to notice the problems or find the motivation to make changes.

Looking at your house with a critical and objective eye is crucial. We do that for you. We see what your potential buyers will see?

If you have been in your home for many years, you may find that you can't be objective enough as you are just too close to it. Perhaps you don't have time, or the necessary skills to bring the best out of every room. If this is the case, then involving Home Staging experts will be a very worthwhile investment.

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If you don't have the creative eye to make changes - it might be time to get the Staging professionals in!

What is Home Staging anyway?

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale or rent. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property quickly and for more money.

Home Staging can improve the appearance of most occupied private residences by using some existing furniture and accessories whilst adding some on-trend products and fine tuning what you already have.

How much does home staging cost?

Prices start from £150 for a home visit and home staging report, the report gives a detailed guide to improve the home and lots of recommendations. Further investment is usually required but this will depend on the property and owners circumstances. Home Staging geberally costs 1 - 2 % of the asking price. However, this is usually less than the first price reduction advised by the Agent if your house isn't selling. Lorna can visit you to carry out a home consultation, or provide a virtual staging consultation via video call and advise how to optimise your property for sale. Get in touch to find out how we can help with Staging your property for sale.

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On average staged homes sell for 8% more than non-staged homes and they sell up to three times faster than a non-staged property.

Investing in property with Home Staging can have significant returns

The average house price in the South East (June 2019) is £322,000
Home Staging cost at 2 %: £6,500
8% increase: £25,800
New Asking Price: £349,000

Does home staging really make that much difference?

Staging your home may seem like a lot of effort when you want to move, but its proven that 75% of people can't visualise well and staging helps potential buyers visualise the space in your home much better. Forget the idea that they are buying bricks and motar. Vendors are buying into a lifestyle so it's really importantthat they can envisage themselves living there.

How can home staging help you?

A professional Home Stager can identify your property's weaknesses and advise on how to improve.
A professional Home Stager will work to your budget with the view to add maximum value for minimal cost. We will consider what you already have and how it may be used or improved.

What type of Home Staging recommendations might be suggested?

We can help from advice, to supply, installation and recommended trades people where necessary with the following:

Furniture layout
Kitchen refurbs abd Kitchen Doctor makeovers Kerb appeal
Garden/Outside space
More extensive work where costs will be recouped at sale.

When should I consider Home Staging to sell my property?

Ideally it is best to consider home staging before you put your house on the market as it works better to hot the market with a property looking at its best first to avoid low offers and low interest. However, sometimes people resort to Home Staging once their house has had little or no interest and has been on the market for a while. In this case it is advisable to take your house off the market whilst Home Staging is completed and return to the market with a fresh campaign with the added WOW factor.
It can take a few days or more to prepare a house for sale so if you are considering selling your property think about Staging before you call in an Estate Agent.

Why will an Estate Agent tell me my house is fine and that I shouldn't bother with making changes?

Estate Agents face huge competition to contract a vendor and they know that the next Agent through the door will ask you to sign up straight away and get going with photos.
Most Agents would prefer to advise you to drop the price by multiple thousands if it doesn't sell quickly, rather than lose your contract to another Agent. If you get a valuation from an Agent who advises that you should have home staging or a virtual Home Staging consultation - listen to them! You've found a good Agent who will work hard to sell your property for the best price.

Are there certain times of year when it's best to sell a house?

Yes. Usually Easter, Septmber and January have more buyers keen to get moving. However, there are always buyers looking and we aim to work with you to make fast changes to get property ready for 'peak' buyer times of year. Sales happen throughout the year, but the summer is a good time to get major work completed and outside painting done. We can advise on fast staging and styling or more detailed works, just get in touch to find out more.

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